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Corporate Intelligence

The Knowledge You Need To Do Good Business

Whatever the nature of your organisation, there is no doubt that you need to deal with other businesses on a regular basis. It is vitally important that you understand fully who these businesses are, their reputations, and their practices. XFOR provides detailed briefings on competitors or associates, designed to identify causes for concern and give you advice on your decision-making process.

In order to assess an organisation, XFOR utilises a number of different resources including human intelligence (HUMINT), direct observation and technical surveillance. Using these tools together, we can gather financial background information, an assessment of corporate stability and information on the policies and procedures that a company has in place.

This data is then compiled into a clear and concise report, along with our advice on how you should proceed.

With regard to competitors, we can consult on the feasibility of your strategies for growth or expansion with insight into the current operations of rival businesses. This ensures that your decisions can be made with complete confidence, based on full disclosure of all relevant intelligence.


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