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Perimeter Protection

Security Devices To Detect Unauthorised Site Entry

Although you can deploy a number of access control technologies or manned guard posts at the usual access points to your site, the rest of your perimeter goes largely unprotected against unauthorised entry.

Using the latest technology, XFOR can supply and install a reliable perimeter protection system designed to alert security staff whenever your perimeter is crossed.

Most commonly, we supply corporations and public facilities with a system of laser protection. Strategically placed transmitters and receivers emit a light beam around the full length of your perimeter, to trigger a number of responses if the beam is broken.

The specific responses to perimeter breach will largely be tailored to your business, but can include an audible alarm, a silent alert to a manned security post, or lights to dissuade intruders and inform them that their presence is being monitored.

Every XFOR perimeter protection system is supplied complete with a backup power supply, ensuring that your premises is fully protected, even in the event of sudden power failure.


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