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Employment Screening

Background Checks And Verification For New Employees

Just as you would not allow a stranger into your home, you should never allow a stranger into your business, particularly if they are likely to have access to confidential data, money, or your practices.

Using a vast range of intelligence gathering techniques, XFOR can conduct extensive background checks on all potential employees, including specialised services for high-level executive recruitment.

Our employment screening method retrieves information from a number of sources including:

  • Criminal records
  • Credit agencies
  • Motor vehicle databases
  • These resources can be used to confirm a potential staff memberís current standing, and can also be used to check facts including employment history and education. XFOR is committed to helping you find the right individual for your business and has access to the information required to appraise you fully. The range of historic and current criteria checked by XFOR can provide a strong overall evaluation of an individual which, working alongside your usual recruitment process, can ensure that your new recruit is trustworthy, reliable and a valuable addition to your work.


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