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Alarm Installation & Monitoring

High Performance Alarms With Control Centre Response

When your premises enters a state of emergency as the result of intrusion, fire or security concern, a dependable alarm system is a vital tool in guaranteeing fast and effective response.

Our highly experienced team of alarm engineers and security professionals can consult on the most appropriate alarm system for your needs and implement the installation at speed.

XFOR currently offers a range of alarm systems, including high-visibility alarms to dissuade and deter criminal activity, or silent alarms that can go largely undetected.

Whichever solution you choose, your alarm system can be monitored at our secure control centre, where staff can dispatch a local response team to investigate the trigger in minutes.

Whatever the scale of your business, XFOR alarm systems can prove an essential component of your security procedure, drawing attention to those occasions when your business is under threat.


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